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Nederlandse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij



We are the Nederlandse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij (Dutch Development Agency), project developers with more than 30 years of experience and love for our profession. We are happy to tell you about our activities, which consist of the (re)development of real estate and project management for investor. We develop a wide range of projects, ranging from homes to commercial and social real estate. We are active throughout the Netherlands and always looking for opportunities to contribute to a future environment for people and organizations.

We distinguish ourselves through our committed, personal, and effective approach, combined with our creativity and knowledge. We have a small team that is quick and flexible. We are ‘in control’ during every phase of the development project with short lines of communication. We call that  – connecting development.

Our core values ​​are collaboration, transparency, passion and courage. We are seen as a trusted and expert partner for municipalities, investors, fellow developers, housing corporations and other market parties.


Not only do we use our knowledge and experience in the development of real estate for our own projects, we also act on behalf of investors and investors, taking over all or part of the project management.

Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive knowledge, we feel like a fish in the water during the entire process. We are patient and take a personal approach. A professional and ambitious team is always ready to take every step, effectively and at the right time, while always staying in touch with all parties involved.

We are happy to take control of the development, planning, construction and delivery of mainly residential and commercial investment opportunities with a high functional level and a high, long-term user experience.

Project Development

Our core activity is development. We are engaged in the development and redevelopment of new and existing real estate, the acquisition of real estate, the acquisition of existing portfolios and the taking of land positions for our own account and risk.

Our projects are innovative, daring and creative. We develop with passion and courage and we love our profession. A team is put together for each project, to ensure that the best professionals work together to achieve the best results. We attach great importance to the constant commitment of all parties involved. Naturally, sustainability is our top priority.

We continue where others stop and are happy to take that extra step to make impossibilities possible.